Certificate of Deposit and Other Bank Accounts Do Not Impact Your Credit Score

A credit report is only impacted by financial information that concerns debt and credit.  Certificates of deposit or money market accounts have no impact on your credit report whatsoever.  Both of these bank accounts are treated in a similar manner as checking savings account.  Credit bureau collects information about your credit and death from various businesses that you deal with. Only credit accounts and public records that involve debt, several judgments, bankruptcy and tax liens appear on your credit report.  Any judgment passed by a federal court pertaining to matters that concern financial debt such as filing for bankruptcy or being sued to pay damages will also appear on your credit report.  Amongst the information that does not appear on credit score is

  • Criminal background such as cursed records.
  • Medical information although unpaid bills that have been passed on to a collection agency may be included on your credit report.  These records however do not contain any details as to the nature of your medical condition of treatment.
  • Information about buying habits specific transactions.
  • Information about race and gender religion or ethnicity.
  • Details of other financial assets that do not involve a debt credit such as stocks, bonds or 401k accounts.
  • Assets such as equity in real estate properly.  However any loans that you secure on the basis of home equity will appear in the credit report as they involved that.

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