Correcting Information on One Credit Report Will Change It on Other Credit Reports As Well

The only way for consumer to correct inaccurate or wrong information present on a Credit report is by disputing it with the credit bureau.  Once a dispute is filed with the credit bureau the credit bureau investigates the issue within 30 to 45 days with the lender.  When a lender corrects the wrong information or fails to respond within 30 days the information is updated or deleted as required by the credit bureau.  When a lender corrects the detail of information on a credit report he is required by the Federal Trade Commission act to notify other consumer reporting agency he reports to.  The credit bureau that you were originally filed the dispute with does not take the responsibility of informing other credit bureaus as only the lender is in the knowledge of which credit agencies it reports to.  If an information on a credit report corrected by the lender owing to the dispute you can expect the scene changes to reflect on your credit report with other credit bureaus as well.  While the credit bureau does not notify the other credit bureaus of the changes that it makes in its credit report as a result of a dispute, national credit bureaus are trying to work jointly to create a system where they share information on disputes and fraud alerts, security freeze and other such services that will result in a better customer service experience for the consumer.

Once information is changed or updated with one credit bureau you should give the time of one to billing cycle before you check your credit reports with the other credit bureaus as well.  Before you do this however you can check with your lender if possible if he reports to that other dreaded bureaus as well.  If he does not they may not be a need to check the other credit reports as that particular account will not have been reported at all.
You can access your free credit report from all the three credit bureaus once in 12 months by going to

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