What Happens If You Stop Using All Your Credit Cards

Stopping the use of credit in any sort of way where you don’t have any loans that you pay off every month or use any credit card at all can have various different effects.  Just stopping to use a credit account will not remove it from a credit history.  If you have a positive credit account with no negative information it will continue to reflect on your credit report for ever even if you stop using that credit card account altogether.  In order to remove it from your credit report you will have to close the account in which case it will be deleted 10 years after you close it.

In delinquent accounts will get deleted seven years after the date that the delinquency was first reported to the credit bureau.  Any negative information in another account that is currently positive and active will be deleted seven years after the information was reported such as late payments.

The effect of stopping to use credit at all may be that your credit history may disappear altogether.  Even if the positive accounts stay on your credit report is still might not have a credit score.  Credit scoring model requires recent credit information to be reported to it in a timeframe that may range from six months to a year.

Lack of credit score and the lack of credit transactions in recent times may prevent you from qualifying for credit when you apply for it.  This is because you are no longer demonstrating whether or not you are capable of handling a debt or not.  The advisable thing to do is to keep using at least one credit card moderately and paint on the balance every month.  You do not require many credit accounts or credit cards to build up a credit history.  One or two credit cards can achieve what half a dozen credit cards can as long as you use them properly.  In order to make sure that you have a good read it history and a positive credit score keep using at least one credit card.

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