Frozen Credit File May Interrupt Wedding Plans

This may sound like an extremely strange thing to say.  But it is known to happen.  People can sometimes put a security freeze on their credit report and then forget about it only to remember it went a critical purchase for a wedding has to be made. It is quite possible in cases of substantial purchase that the creditor might refuse to honour the agreement if he cannot access to credit reports of the buyer.
Once a credit report is frozen you need to follow a certain process that involves using a secret PIN Number That Is Provided You for the Purposes of Unfreezing Your Credit Report.

Unfreezing credit report may at times take a while.  While under normal circumstances this is nothing that would disturb you, when there is a wedding on hand time maybe of critical importance.

It is also known to happen for a person to misplace the pin number that was provided the consumers during the time of placing the security freeze.  It is not possible to unfreeze credit report without having the pin number as that would defeat the purpose of the security freeze in the first place.  If you have misplaced the pin number unfreezing security freeze on a credit report can take a lot of time as you will need to made in a valid identification documents to the credit bureau so that a new PIN can be issued. And only then will you be able to lift the security freeze on your credit report.

It should be duly mentioned that while a security freeze blocks all access to credit history it may not necessarily prevent you from being a victim of identity theft.  In fact freezing the credit file can help the identity thief to achieve their purpose is more easily.  Savvy identity teams now use the security freeze to the advantage.  When the identity thief applies for credit under the original consumers named the creditor has to notify them that they cannot access to credit history because it is frozen.  The identity thief then fakes forgetfulness and promises to come back after unfreezing credit file.  The identity thief is now free to use your stolen identity to commit other kinds of fraud in your name without you discovering it.

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