Impact of Having a Maiden Name and Married Name on the Credit Score

Identifying information in a credit report such as name, address has no impact whatsoever on your credit scores.  In case you have been married once or more than once and a credit bureau will have a record of your name or the changes in it thereof as reported it to it by your creditors.  So if you have opened accounts in your maiden name as well as your one or more than one married names they will all be listed in the credit report.  The reason for keeping a record of all your names or credit report is as follows.

Some lenders may report and accounts under the maiden name while others may report it under any other married name that he took on later.  In order to integrate these accounts under the same credit report the credit bureau will keep a record of your name variations.  Missing out on any of your positive credit account in the credit history due to different name impact your credit score negatively.

The second reason why the credit bureau keeps a record of all names variations reported to is to tip you off to fraud if it ever happens.  Name variations and unknown names can be an indicator that an identity thief is using your identity to apply for new credit.  If that happens the list of things on your credit report can enable you to take rapid action.  It automatically follows that since identifying information has no bearing on the credit score changing or removing names from your credit report will have no effect on your credit score and will not cause them to get better.

If you are worried about your credit score will want to make it better you should get your personal copy of credit report from or order one from the National credit agency.  When you order a credit report from the National credit agencies such as Experian you will receive a summary and explanation of all the factors that are affecting your credit score especially the ones that are affecting it negatively.  After reviewing this report you will be in a position to change and amend the factors that are damaging your credit score.

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