Is It Possible to Remove Enquiries from a Credit Report to Improve Credit Score

Enquiries are added to a credit report automatically at the moment when someone requests your credit score.  There is no question as to whether or not the enquiry occurred.  You cannot dispute enquiries and subsequently have them removed.  The only exception perhaps is in the case of identity theft and fraud.  If you’re credit report displays enquiries being made for opening further credit accounts and you are certain that they were not made by you then you should view investigate these enquiries carefully as they could be the result of someone trying to steal your identity and opening a fraudulent credit account in your name.  If it can be determined that the credit enquiries made into your credit report were a result of identity theft and attempt at credit fraud than these can be removed from your credit report.

Enquiries made during the application of credit fall under the category of hard enquiries and do affect your credit scores to small degree.  Having fraudulent enquiries removed from a report will have a positive effect on your credit score.  However, you should keep in mind that one common reason why people get confused on not recognizing the name of the source of the enquiry is that many times the enquiry is listed under a company name that is different from the one that you applied to.  This usually happens in the case of you working with a subsidiary company of a parent.  If the enquiry is recorded in the name of the parent firm you may not necessarily recognize it as the business that you are working with.

If you have enquiries on your credit report that say that you have requested your credit report on previous occasions when in fact you have not then that is something you must look more carefully into as well as to who might be trying to access your credit report.  On most occasions you should not worry about the enquiries made on your credit report.  The reason the enquiries are present a case to ensure a complete and accurate accurate record of who try to excessive credit report.

Having all enquiries recorded is something that serves to your benefit in the long run.  Any time that you want to check on who all has been enquiring into your credit report you can order your personal copy from either of the National credit bureaus or from where you can access your credit report for free once every year.

The enquiries on your credit report will be listed in two different categories.  Soft enquiries such as insurance enquiries, enquiries made by potential in lawyers, landlords etc will be listed under the soft enquiries section and will have not have any effect on your credit score whatsoever as they are not reported to the lenders.  The second category will be those of hard enquiries which contained all the enquiries made by various businesses whenever you have made an application for credit such as mortgage, automobile loan, credit card etc.  These can have enquiries affect the credit score negatively but marginally.  Only the recent enquiries tend to have a major effect on the credit score.

Many hard enquiries into your credit report in a short duration of time may suggest that you are facing financial difficulties and trying hard to get an extension on your credit limit.  However, it is a well known fact today that many consumers shop around for the best interest rates and explode the options given by various creditors before reaching a final decision.  For this reason lenders are now less stringent about the number of enquiries made in to your credit report when you are shopping for a loan such as an automobile loan or a mortgage loan.

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