Marriage Does Not Blend The Two Credit Histories

Will marriage result in the two credit histories being blended? Will the negative history of the spouse impact the other’s credit score?
Marriage has no effect on the individual credit histories of the couple. Marriage does not blend the two credit histories together and certainly does not impact the individual credit scores as well.
This however does not mean that marrying someone with a bad credit history will not impact your future credit prospect. When entering in to a large credit agreement with a lender such as a mortgage, the lender usually views the credit report of both the husband and the wife. Also many times the mortgage loan is entered in to jointly by both the husband and the wife. Having one spouse with a poor credit history might discourage the lender from approving the loan application.
Another fact to note is that while marrying someone with a bad credit history may not affect your credit score directly, in states with community property law, all accounts entered in to by either of the spouse are treated as a joint account as far as the liability is concerned. If your spouse has unpaid debts due to some unforeseen circumstances, you may be made liable to pay them off if the lender decides to pursue the payment through you. But as long as the account does not have your name on it, it will most likely not be reported on your credit report.

If the person that you are about to marry has a bad credit history or a debt issue, then you two must sit down to discuss and plan the course open to you for a secure financial future. Having problems over money is one of the biggest issues that creates problems in a marriage. It is important for you to sit down and discuss these matters openly.

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