Ordering Your Own Credit Report Makes No Difference to Your Credit Score

Ordering your own credit report directly from the credit bureau or from a third party agency that provides that service directly to the consumer does not have a negative impact on your credit score.  This question arises in the mind of the consumer owing to incomplete information about the kind of enquiries that are recorded on a credit report.
There are two kind of enquiries that are recorded on credit report.  There are hard enquiries and then there are soft enquiries.  Hard enquiries are the enquiries made by creditors and lenders into your credit report when you apply for credit.  Hard enquiries imply the future potential debt that you are trying to undertake.  Since they represent additional debt these can enquiries showed to lenders and creditors on their copy of the credit report as any debt, even potential debt is considered as an indicator of risk.  For this reason a hard enquiry may have a negative impact on your credit score, though temporary.  However, if several applications were credit are made in a short amount of time than the effect on the credit score may be more as repeated applications were credit might signify financial trouble and substantiating income with debt.

However, ordering your own credit report or purchasing a credit score is the soft enquiry.  It is only shown on your personal copy of the credit report.  No matter how many times you order your own credit report, while it will be recorded in your personal copy of the credit report it will not be shown to any lender or creditor.  Since this information is not shown to any creditor has no bearing in the calculation of the credit score.

Other kind of soft enquiries include preapproved credit card offers, enquiries for insurance unemployment purpose, enquiries made by landlords and enquiries made by existing lenders as a part of updating and checking up on the records of the consumers.

You can access your credit report even if you have put a security freeze or fraud alert without risking a damage to your credit scores.

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