Should You Close Extra Credit Accounts When You Have a Good Credit Score

If you already have a good credit score the new mean not worry too much about open credit card accounts that you may or may not use.  If you have multiple credit cards that carry zero balance as you do not use them it is not necessary to close sends you already have a good credit score.  Having a good credit score is determined by several factors and positive data and information present on your credit report.
The general advice given to people is that if you already have opened credit card accounts closing them without thought may have a negative impact on your credit score because it will reduce your debt utilisation ratio.
Since you already have a good credit score it indicates that you have displayed responsible management of your credit.  Closing down extra credit accounts may have minimal impact on your credit score if at all.  And even then they might only serve to reduce your credit score a little.
Many people want to close down extra credit cut accounts as it will not use them and want to clear the clutter in their financial portfolio.  It is impossible to tell what factors in your credit history impacting your credit score and hence it is impossible to say what impact will closing down your and used credit cards have on your credit score.
The best way to know whether you can close down any extra credit card accounts is to order your personal credit report from the National credit bureaus along with the credit score.  You will get an explanation of what factors are impacting your credit score positively and negatively.  This will help you to determine whether you can benefit you credit score a closing down extra credit accounts of whether you can close them down without causing a major change in your credit scores.

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