The Effect of a Debt Management Plan on Your Credit Report

The impact on your credit score for being a part of a debt management plan is usually minimal. 

A there are two reasons for this.  Number one, many creditors consider enrolling in a debt management plan as a positive sign that the consumer is trying to get his death back under control.  When a consumer and roses in a debt management plan with the reputed credit counselling agency the lender knows that the consumer is facing genuine financial trouble and yet is trying to pay off his death.  For this reason creditors are also willing to help the consumer and to avoid a total write-off of debt which would be the only option left to the consumer if he did not receive the assistance.

Many credit scoring models also do not consider being a part of a debt management plan is a negative factor during their calculation. 

For example the FICO score claims that it does not include information about debt management plans in its credits for calculation is that all.  Secondly a person who enters into a debt management plan may also already have a very poor credit score due to the financial difficulties and non-payment of debt.  The negative impact of settling a debt in short-term is outweighed by the long-term advantage of getting out of debt.

The main advantage of a debt management plan also is that if you’re accounts are current they will continue to stay current as the payments to the creditors do not stop.  You are only going to be making them under the newly negotiated terms.  You must ensure that there is no gap between the time that the credit counselling agency takes over the payments scratch that.  You must ensure that there is no gap in transition when a credit counselling agency takes away payments and the payments that you make to the creditor.  You must be sure as to when the credit counselling agency is taking over the payment schedule.  As long as you payments stay on time it really won’t matter for paid them as the scoring models do not consider this information.

However, the statement will be added by your creditors during the next reporting cycle to the credit bureau that the accounts are being paid under a debt management plan.  If future lenders and creditors will be able to see this information and will be aware of the fact that you did not pay your loan as agreed but the period under renegotiated terms.  This may or may not have an adverse effect on your borrowing options depending upon the lender and your current financial situation.  Many lenders go beyond the credit report and credit score to evaluate other information about the consumer such as job stability, and what income, sets at sector in order to determine the creditworthiness of an individual.

If you can prove to the lender that you are capable of handling credit in the current time in spite of having been a part of a debt management plan than most of the lenders will approve your application for the credit.
It is usually advised to include all credit accounts under the umbrella of the debt management plan.  This may also include accounts that are closed but once that you owe money on.  While you will work to pay off the debt on these accounts as well they will not serve to benefit your credit report in any way since the accounts are closed and known data is being reported.  However this is something that should be done as a matter of personal responsibility for the debt that you take and also to enhance your own sense of personal worth.

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