A Landlord Can Share Credit Reports with A Tenant

A landlord can share a credit report with a tenant for the purpose of discussing any information that he might find objectionable wishes to clarify with him. If the landlord decides to refuse the tenancy based on certain information present on the credit report then he must inform the consumer of the significant factors that affected his decision.

However, it is always recommended to the consumer to get his own personal copy of the credit report since viewing the copy that is meant for a business often causes confusion in the mind of the consumer. The credit reports that is meant for a business is quoted differently and according to the needs of the business which in this case will be a landlord. Certain information that is present on your personal copy of the credit report will not be present on the business copy.

Getting your own personal report becomes even more important when an adverse action has been taken against you based on some information present in the report. First of all you are entitled to a free credit report when this happens. Even if you have already accessed your one copy of the free annual credit report you can get another one in case you are denied tenancy based on the credit report.

Secondly if you wish to seek clarification on the information present with the credit bureau you will need to have a personal copy in your hand as that is the exact copy that a customer care representative from the credit bureau will be looking at. Matching accounts and transactions will become very difficult if the two of you are looking at different versions of the same credit report. It is recommended that you have a credit reports that is not older than three months before seeking help from the credit bureau in order to rectify disputes information present on it.

Apart from the one free annual credit report that you are entitled to you can also get a personal copy of three is an adverse action has been taken to use such as marketing up to four credit, if you believe you have been a victim of fraud and identity theft, if you are unemployed and are seeking a job or if you received welfare assistance.

Some state laws and able their citizens to get more than one free credit report each year, while others offer them at a reduced price. In order to see how you can get a free credit report in your state see the following article How To Access  Your Free Credit Report.

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