Variation in name or spellings on different accounts get included on the same credit report

Even though different accounts may get reported with a name spelling variation, it will get included on your one and only credit report as long as the account belongs to you. Various other identifiers such as social security number and address are used to make sure that the account belongs to you. Sometimes the account name changes after a person gets married where as certain older accounts continue to operate on the maiden name.

It is common for people to have accounts under different names. One of the reasons for this can be marriage while the other common reason is that people are inconsistent while filling out credit applications. For example in one application middle name of Smith might be mentioned while in another it might be omitted by the consumer.

However, a credit of Europe uses several identifiers to identify a person’s identity in order to collect the information about all their accounts under the same credit report. It is not possible for the same individual to have more than one credit report hence a credit bureau uses information like Social Security number, address, name etc to identify an individual.

When accounts are reported under different names all the different name variations get recorded in the credit history of person. This means that when you check your personal copy of the credit report it will have all the name variations that have been reported by various lenders. This not only helps you are keeping track of all your accounts but also alerts you to the possibility of identity fraud in the future. If the different name is a result of a mistake made by the lender than it also enables you to contact the lender in order to rectify the record.

It is advised to be consistent while filling up applications were credit and use the same name. It is also advised to use the name that is present on a birth certificate in spite of whatever name you might be using in normal regular life.

In order to make sure that all your accounts are present on your credit report you can request a copy of your personal credit report either free from or a cheese copy from the credit bureau. If you find any of the accounts missing you can contact the credit bureau of further assistance. You should also check with the particular lender whether he reports to the credit bureau or not since it is not necessary that all lenders report to all the credit bureaus or even to either one of them.

If the account is missing point to the fact that the lender does not report to the credit bureau then there is nothing that the credit bureaus can do to include that account on your credit report.

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