Can Child’s Social Security Number Be Used to Commit Credit Fraud

The number one thing that you needed to understand is that every person gets his own credit report at the time when a lender reports that a person has applied for credit.  With the first application and usage of credit persons individual credit report is created.  Every person who uses credit and whose information is reported by the lender is meant to have a separate individual credit report.  Because of this reason most of the minor children do not have a credit report in the name.  If you feel that your child is Social Security number may have been used by someone to fraudulently apply for credit than the first thing that you need to check with the credit bureau is whether that person has also managed to use sufficient other personal information about you tried to create a new credit report under your child’s identification.  If the identity key has only used a Social Security number and has not been able to use any other personal information regarding a child than the likelihood is that your child’s credit report will not get mixed up with the person who has fraudulently used your child is Social Security number.  As long as the credit report remain separate from a child’s your child’s credit rating will not suffer in the future and will not have an adverse impact when the time comes for him or her to apply for a credit in their own name.

In order to ensure that the credit report has not been created fraudulently in your child’s name and identity you should contact the credit bureaus to get a child’s credit report.  You will need to present this request in writing along with documents proving your parental authority or legal guardianship.

The credit bureaus also provide assistance with fraud and identity theft which includes special instructions to request a minus credit report. For example, experience online fraud assistance Centre has instructions to request a minus credit report.  When you visit the website you simply have to click on "minor child instructions" at the top of the page for specific details on how to request the report along with a downloadable form that you can submit.

Visit the website of the three national credit bureaus are speak to a customer care representative on the phone for more information.

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