Change in Social Security Number and Address Does Not Mean Identity Fraud

Sometimes a consumer finds that there is another Social Security number or the address listed on his credit report which is slightly different from his real address and the Social Security number. This does not necessarily mean that you have been the victim of identity theft. Most of the times the information reported by a lender gets transposed by mistake which is what results in different information being present on consumers credit report.

For example instead of the digits 2354 the lender might report 3254. When a different identification information is reported to the credit bureau the credit bureau records it in the credit report. This is done so as to maintain a complete record of all the variations that have been reported by any lender under your identity. It also helps you in identifying the source of the information so that you can get in the account information collected in the creditors records as her in the credit report.

Another reason why a credit bureau contains all the records of the information reported is to alert you to the possibility of identity fraud. It could be possible in extreme circumstances that different address for a different Social Security number being reported is due to some on having stolen your identity and trying to open fraudulent credit account under your name. However there are other factors that are also usually linked with identity theft and these include enquiries into your credit report from sources that you do not recognize. Since the credit bureau will maintain a complete information of all the enquiries and all the data being reported it will help you identify the source of fraud and take appropriate action.

Most of the times if the differences in the personal information reported such as name, Social Security number and address is very small and something that could have accredited to a small mistake by the lender by transposing one digit in place of another then it is not a cause for alarm as it is probably a mistake made by the lender. You should contact the aforesaid lender and get the information collected on his record.

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