Enquiries from Employers Are Only Shown on Your Personal Credit Report

It has become a common trend of the day for prospective employers to want to access the credit history of the potential employee. It is commonly believed that people with good credit rating and lesser debt burden perform better at their jobs. An employer can only be you your credit report once you give them your written permission. However as to the question whether an enquiry from an employer on your credit report will affect your credit rating or not the answer is, though it will not.

The enquiry made on your credit report by an employer is only shown on your personal copy of the credit report. Since this information is not disclosed to the lenders it is also not considered during the calculation of the credit score. As mentioned several times in our previous columns enquiries that pertain to a non-credit nature are listed as soft enquiries and do not impact your credit score. Other examples of enquiries that our considered to be soft enquiries are preapproved credit card offers, insurance, enquiries made by government organizations for verification, accessing your own personal copy of the credit report etc.

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