Enquiries Made by Employers Does Not Affect Credit Scores

Employers like to view the credit history of potential employees for the purpose of background check. It is also commonly believed that people who have their debt in control have a lesser stress level and perform better at work. Your responsibility towards credit management also shows your responsibility towards your work. An employer needs permission of the employee to view the credit report. However the scallop enquiries are considered soft enquiries which means that they are only shown on your personal copy of the credit report when you choose to access it. Any lender that makes a request for your credit report will not see the enquiries that have resulted from seeking employment.

Hence enquiries made by employers have no bearing on the calculation of the credit score. Also the credit reports that is provided to an employer contains lesser information than one at that is typically provided to lender of the purpose of approving a credit application. The information provided on the credit report to the employer has to be in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act which means that personal information regarding marital status, date of birth etc is missing from that particular copy.

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