Freezing a Child's Credit History

People usually considered freezing the credit history because they are worried about identity theft.  Because it is a known fact that even children are not subjected to identity theft and are in fact chosen targets owing to the fact that fraud committed using a child’s identity is more likely to go unnoticed, parents sometimes considered freezing the can credit history for their children.
The main point here is that most of the children do not have a credit history to begin with.  Till there is no credit history you cannot freeze it. Credit histories only created for an individual one that person applies for credit and the credit account is opened in that person’s name.  In case of children this might happen when parents included them as authorised or joint account users on a credit card or when they get a family credit card separately for the children.
The first thing that you need to figure out its whether or not your child has a credit history.  If he doesn’t then there is no way for you to place the security freeze in order to prevent identity theft.
The second thing for you to consider is that even if a child has a credit history whether or not placing a security freeze helps to prevent identity theft.
Normally what happens when you place a security freeze is that you do not even get to know when someone tries to apply for credit with your child’s identity.  In normal cases if a person tries to use a minor’s identity to apply for credit the credit bureau notifies the lender that the information being used is that of a minor.  This can take off the lender as to the potential fraud and he can notify the concerned parties as well as the authorities.  The rest is a security freeze is placed on the credit report the lender will simply be informed that there is a security freeze present and he cannot access to credit report for the purposes of evaluating the credit application.  All he will be able to tell the person who is falsely applying for credit under your child’s identity is that there is a security freeze on the report.  The person trying to commit fraud can then walkout of the lenders of this promising to come back once he has removed the security freeze.

For this reason in case of children who are minors it is not really advisable to put a security freeze on the credit reports, unless they have already been a victim of identity theft.  What you can do instead, if your child has already been a victim of identity theft is to place the fraud alert on the credit report before freezing the credit history.  This will notify the lender to be extra careful and seek confirmation from the parents with adequate identity proof before he approves the credit.

Also you can subscribe to a credit monitoring service from the credit bureaus.  This allows you to monitor the entire family’s credit reports on a frequent basis.  You can check not only your credit report but the credit report of all the other family members as well and as many times as you like.

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