Is the Consumer Disclosure File the Same As a Credit Report

A credit report of a person has various formats depending on who is accessing it.  The credit report that is provided to a lender is different from the credit reports that is provided to you personally.  The copy of the credit report provided to a creditor many redesigned and formatted in order to be readable and analyzed by a computerized system or suited to the particular need of a creditor.  For example the credit report provided to automobile loan provider Meehan the automobile loans listed first followed by other kinds of loans such as credit cards and mortgage.

IfA consumer disclosure file is basically the credit reports that is provided to you for your personal reading and understanding.  Several credit monitoring services allow the consumer to access their credit reports as many times as the like and may also have their own format for the credit report that makes it more easily readable by the consumer.  A personal credit report or a consumer disclosure file usually contains certain more information than the one that is provided to businesses such as a complete list of enquiries.

There are other kinds of consumer reports as well which should not be confused with the consumer disclosure report from the credit bureaus.  Other kinds of consumer reports include reports compiled by debt bureaus that collect information regarding to checking accounts, saving accounts and income.  There are certain background check companies that compiled consumer reports for businesses that wish to run a background check on an individual and may include criminal history, job history and other public records.

This cannot information is not present on a consumer disclosure file that is provided by a credit bureau since a credit bureau only collects information on a consumer that is connected to credit.  It does not have any information regarding investments, savings accounts, criminal record, job history and information on assets that are not tied up to a line of credit.

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