Not All Enquiries Affect Your Credit Score

Inquiries are a record of who all have made a request to view your credit report. Many times enquiries made by certain parties and people do not affect the credit score at all. These, soft enquiries and a typically made by people for purposes other than approving you for a loan or a credit account. Common examples of this enquiries made by a prospective employer, landlords, enquiries by government institutions for the purpose of insurance and verification etc. These can have enquiries are shown only on your personal copy of your credit report.

They are not shown to the creditors in the copy that is provided to them when they are looking to approve your credit application. Since this information is not provided to any creditor or lender these can have enquiries not included in the calculation of the credit score as well and have no bearing in your final credit rating.

The only situation where an enquiry can have an impact on your credit score is when the enquiry is made as a result of an application for credit or loan. However, as long as you have a strong credit history with lots of other positive data on it this impact will be minimal, if at all

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