Cedit Bureaus May Give You a List of Potentially Negative Items on Your Credit Report

When you order your credit report from a credit bureau you might get a list of potentially negative items that are present on your credit report.

The important word here is potentially.  While a credit bureau does not make any judgements on the information present on your credit report they might list of certain information that might in the eyes of the lender be a negative factor.  Even though an account of his current and paid if it was late in the past it might be reported on the credit report is potentially negative as lenders do not like to see late payments on a credit history even though they were in the past.

Building a good credit score takes time and effort.  A credit score considers not only the current studies of accounts but also the history of the credit.  You can build a good credit history and improve your credit scores by building a trend that involves timely payments of bills and low balances on your credit’s cards.  If your account history suffered due to late payments in the past you cannot expect it to go up immediately the next time you make a payment on time.  Because the credit scoring model considers the stability of the data being reported it may take a few months before your credit scores reflect the reliability of timely payments and credit card usage.

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