Separating Credit Reports Between Members of The Same Family

It is known to happen when father and son share similar identifying information that their credit reports can get mixed up with each other. Accounts that belong to one credit report can get reported on another. Similarly in certain cases credit histories of a mother and daughter can get mixed up as well.

This is particularly known to happen when father and son share the same address and even the same name with only a generation suffix such as junior or senior differentiating between them. It might be accidental but the Social Security numbers might also be pretty much similar with only a couple of digits being different. In such cases it is possible that confusion might occur in differentiating between the two identities and information on the credit reports might get mixed up with each other.

It is unwise in such cases that whenever applying for credit use complete identification information such as using the junior and the senior suffix after your name even if you do not use it in regular life. This will go a long way in differentiating between the two different identities.

Always use the same name variation and preferably the name given to you on a birth certificate even if that is not a name that you use frequently in daily life. If the credit report between a father and a son or other members of the family have already got mixed up then what you need to do is order your personal copy of the credit report. Identify the information that is not belong to you and disputes that with the credit bureau. When you get your personal copy of the credit report you will be able to disputes the errors online or by calling up a customer care representative of the credit bureau.

Having a recent credit report in your hand allows reviewing the information and the dates of the account allows the credit bureaus to separate the two credit histories more easily. You will only need to do this once as once the proper accounts had been associated with a proper identity they will continue to be reported to the correct credit report.

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