Utility Providers May Ask to Check Your Credit Report

Certain utility providers such as satellite TV providers may ask for your social security number in order to check your credit report. Social Security number is a very accurate method of verifying the person’s identity. Since the credit bureaus maintain a person Social Security number as part of the identification information on the credit report certain utility providers may ask the consumer for their Social Security number in order to check the credit report. Each Social Security number is unique to every single individual. So when wanting to check the credit report of a consumer giving the Social Security number is a way of ensuring that the correct credit history is accessed.

Utility service providers may want to check the consumer’s credit report in order to verify the persons credit risk. Since many of the services are of the nature of credit when you use now and pay later having a good credit history will help them to determine that you will be able to pay the monthly service charge as specified in the contract. A record of bad credit behaviour on the other hand will suggest that you will be unable to pay their charges in the future. As long as you have been paying your other bills on time the utility service providers can be confident that you will pay their bills on time as well.

A credit rating is also sometimes used to determine the building package and the downpayment that the utilities service may want to charge the consumer. Having a bad credit history might result in having you to pay a large downpayment to start of the services.

If you do not wish to provide your Social Security number you can speak about this matter to the utility service provider in charge and see if they will agree. It is possible that some may decline to provide the service if you refuse to provide it is vital identification information.

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