Why Is Your Child’s Social Security Number On Your Credit Report


It is a rare situation where your son or daughter’s social security number appears on your credit report.  Credit report maintains different variations of information such as any change in the name, previous address etc as well as information of people who are connected to your credit such as joint account or authorized account uses.

It is not possible for any information to find its way on your credit report unless it has been reported by a credit bureau.  This makes the addition of your children’s social security number on your credit report unlikely specially if they are a minor.  However, if you do find that your credit report contains information about the children then it could be only because that information has been reported by some lender to the credit bureau.

The commonest reasons for this to happen :

You may have added your minor daughter or son as an authorized or a joint account used and do not remember.

Your teenage daughter or son may have been at all where the applied for a retail credit card with a bunch of friends using in your name but their own social security number.  This kind of a currency is common enough when children bored with their friends to have some fun in a mall. They apply for a credit card just for the fun and completely neglects to mention it to the parents thinking that it is of no consequence at all.

It extremely unlikely but somehow possible that the social security number of your child and yours are similar.  If that lender in some way transposed the digits were putting it to the credit bureau it is possible that what you think now is your child Social Security number may have found its way on your credit report.

The easiest way to clarify the matter about your child is Social Security number of other information appearing on your credit report is to call up the credit bureau and speak to a customer service representative.  You can get your credit report directly from the credit bureau and speak to a customer service representative who will be able to trace the reporting of the Social Security number or any other information that belongs to child to the lender and the credit accounts that reported it.  You may then requested that particular lender and the credit bureau to remove it from your account.

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