It Is Safer to Order a Credit Report OnlineTo Prevent Identity Theft

It is an accepted fact that identity theft and credit fraud happens only due to human intervention.  When you or your credit report online the committee shall happens between two machines which is your computer and the server at the end of the credit bureau.  This connection is highly secure as it is encrypted.  When you what are your credit report online you have two pass through a battery of identification tests. You are asked to provide certain information that only you should be privy to such as your mortgage loan account number, here Social Security number etc

Once your identity has been suitably identified you gain access to credit report immediately and all the data transfer occurs over a highly encrypted connection. The data transfer happens quickly and securely so that it would be near impossible for anybody to capture this information.

Many ordinary credit report by mail you will be required to send certain sensitive identification documents by mail to the credit bureau along with your application requesting the credit report.  This poses a risk to begin with as your letter might get misplaced or stolen and your identity compromised.  Conversely when the credit mails the report back to your address, there is a possibility of a similar occurrence. Also ordering a credit reports through regular mail is a lengthy process. It may take a week or more than that for your application to reach the credit bureau, to get processed and for the credit report to reach back to you.  This can be inconvenient if you require your credit report urgently.

It should however be noted that whether you order your credit report on the Internet or through regular mail sensitive information is truncated or deleted in order to safeguard the individual from identity theft and to protect his or her privacy.

The Social Security number is either truncated deleted from the credit report.  Since it is understood that you must have provided the Social Security number while applying for the credit report there is no need to mention it on the credit report.  Any account number will most likely be truncated so that only you can identify the proper accounts as you will know the full account number.

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