You Can Have Yourself to As an Authorized User On a Credit Card by Requesting the Creditor

As of the recent changes brought about in the credit calculation model authorised users on credit cards will not be able to take much benefit out of that arrangement.

Many major credit scoring models no longer consider authorised users while calculating the credit score of an individual while it is possible that other credit scoring models might continue to do so.

However whenever a person is an authorised user of an account that account would show on his or her credit history. If you’re concerned about your credit history and the impact that being an authorised user is having on your credit rating then you can have yourself removed from the account fairly easily.

Since an authorised user is not responsible for the debt and does not share any responsibility for the account you can manage to get yourself to be taken of an account simply by asking the creditor to do so. Creditors usually do not have a problem with removing an authorised user from an account since they are not liable for responsible for the debt anyway.

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