Can an Ex-Spouse Access Your Credit Report

A divorce complicates lot of things about credit.  While credit bureaus take every possible precaution to ensure that only you can access your personal credit report someone like a former spouse may have enough identifying information and may know enough about your personal and financial information to be able to pose as you and gain access to credit report.  It should be noted right in the beginning that accessing your credit report falsely is considered as fraud and identity kept.  It gives you the option of taking legal action against your ex-spouse under the federal and state law which could result in a fine or jail time for the perpetrator.

The credit bureaus use multiple identity checks in order to ensure that only the correct person can access his credit report.  If the credit report is ordered to make them it is delivered only to address that is listed on the credit history.  In order to update the address on your credit report after a divorce to a new address it will either have to be reported by your lenders or you will have to update it by sending the necessary documents to the credit bureau.  If the address that the request of the credit report has come from is not found on the record then the credit bureaus send request asking for additional documents to verify the address at which you will let such as a reverse licence or any other government issued for two identity card, a copy of a current utility bill etc.  If the credit report has been fraudulently requested by an ex-spouse after moving to another address then he will not be able to provide these documents.  However, if he still lives at the old address and you have not updated your address on the credit report it is possible that he could have the credit report sent to him.

A similar process takes place when a report is ordered online.  Response will have to pass a test proved his identity and verify that the owner of the credit report.  Unfortunately as mentioned earlier a divorce creates unusual circumstances where a spouse may have enough information about his ex-spouse to pass the identity check.  The questions asked to verify the identity of the person online is usually the information that only the owner of the credit report should possess.  But an ex-spouse may also have access to all of the personal and financial information.  If he knows in detail about your accounts and payment amounts it would be possible for him to excess the report online.

A very good method of checking whether or not your ex-spouse is trying to access your credit report is to sign up for a credit monitoring service.  A credit monitoring service will allow you a constant and unlimited access to your credit report which will allow you to seek who when and where is trying to access your credit report.  A good credit monitoring service is offered by Experian.  Details for this credit monitoring service can be found on

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