Your Credit Rating Is Not Affected If Your Name Changes

Changing the name will not have a negative impact on your credit report or on your credit rating.  Credit bureau keeps track of all main variations that are reported to it by the lender.  If you formally change your name you can modify the credit bureau by sending in the required documents and proof.  If your name happens to change owing to other reasons such as taking on a husband’s name after marriage it will not affect your credit rating.
Just because two people get married it does not mean that one’s credit history automatically starts affecting the other.  The only way that the credit history of one of the spouse can affect the other is if one of them and the other as a joint account holder on one of the accounts.  If this account has a bad payment history then it could affect the credit rating of the joint account holder as well.  Any new accounts that you open jointly will appear on both credit histories and as long as the payment histories are kept positive know damage should occur to either of your credit score.

Having a good credit history as a couple is important because certain kinds of loans such as a home loan require both the husband and the wife to take the loan jointly in most of the cases.  In these situations the lender will consider both your credit histories before taking his decision to approve decline your application.

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