A Lender Is Supposed to Update All Credit Bureaus If He Changes Information After a Dispute

When some information on a credit report gets changed owing to the result of a dispute filed by the consumer then the business or the lender reporting that information is responsible and required by the law for updating it with any other consumer credit reporting agency to which it reports the information.  If the information on a credit report of one credit bureau is changed owing to the dispute filed then that credit bureau does not share the dispute information with other national credit bureaus.  The simple reason is that only the lender can know which all credit reporting agency is it reports to.

You will need to check your credit report with the other credit bureau and get in touch with your lender in case you find that the information with other credit bureaus has not been updated.

Sometimes an information on the credit report can get deleted or rectified without the lender providing the updated data.  This can happen in a scenario where the lender does not respond to the dispute filed by the consumer at the credit bureau in the given timeframe which is usually 30 to 45 days.  In this case the information will only get updated with the credit bureau that you fired the dispute with.  In order to have the information with other credit bureaus changed as well you will have to file a dispute with them individually.

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