Driving Record Can Be a Part of Insurance Credit Score

Credit bureaus to not collect any information about you other than matters related to credit. For this reason the driving history of an individual is not included on the credit report. However there are more than a thousand credit score that are used by different businesses are different business needs. A mortgage company might use a special score while an insurance company might use a different calculation altogether. This is done in order to have a more accurate depiction of the risk that the consumer poses in one particular area.

For this reason a specialised automobile insurance score may include data from you driving history as well. It is generally felt by businesses that use specialised credit scores that a general score does not suit their purpose of predicting the risk of an individual for their business adequately. Therefore it might make perfect sense for an insurance company to have a record of your driving record before underlying your insurance premium.

However, your driving record and the specialised insurance score would have no bearing an effect on your regular and general credit score.

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