Employment Ads can Be Potential Identity Theft Scams

Trust your instincts. If something does not seem right, it might not be. There are various ways in which people trying to steal people’s personal information go about accomplishing this. One of the ways is through employment ads. While having a website for employment is not uncommon, it is exactly why someone may use it to direct you to a phishing website to collect your personal information.

Whenever you see an ad for an employment agency, check the credentials. If it seems to be an unknown name, do a Google search and see what comes up. Do not out your information in unknown websites.

If you are going to be meeting someone in person, then make sure that the person gives you a business card with a physical address. Again, verify the references. Make sure that the person you are meeting is indeed and employee of the employment that he claims to be from by giving the office a call. If the employment agency seems to be unfamiliar, do not give your personal details to the person you are meeting. Say that you will visit the office in person.

If you have already given this information to someone then you need to monitor your credit report and bank accounts closely for the next few months. See if anything unusual activity occurs. A convenient way of monitoring your credit report is to use a credit monitoring service like the Triple Advantage service of the Experian credit bureau. It enables you to check your report as often as you like and notifies you of any changes that occur via email.

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