FTC alert about Fraudulent Activity

The Federal Trade Commission issued an alert about watching out for fraudulent activities that are aimed to stealing your financial information. Owning to the situation that has been stirred by the events in the current state if economy, individuals have resorted to inconspicuous ways of stealing people’s information to commit credit fraud.

There have been mergers and takeover in the economy of banks and various other financial institutions. Taking advantage of this, people have often got emails asking them to go to the website and update their details such as account numbers and SSN. The fact is that many times these kinds of emails are fraudulent emails that take you on a phishing website to capture the details that you enter there. Whenever you get such an email, speak to someone at your back or credit or where ever you have received the email from whether such a measure has indeed being called for.

Of course you will receive genuine emails also, but they will almost never ask you for any personal details. Sometimes they will ask for personal information such as your SSN to enroll you for special services and offers. Always confirm this with your bank before providing them with any information.

These are some of the points that you need to consider to take precautions against identity cracked and credit fraud according to the noticed by the Federal Trade Commission

Be wary of requests to update validate your account information in e-mails that claim to be from your lender of bank claiming to have been acquired by your lender. The new lender is likely to already have the details about your account information.

Do not reply to e-mail messages asking for your personal information and similarly do not click on the links in the e-mail.

Do not return telephone messages claiming to represent your bank. Instead call your bank or lender directly using a customer service helpline.

Never e-mail personal information and financial information. Regular e-mail is not secure.