Keep Making Joint Payments during a Divorce

It is a common enough tactic used by a vindictive and irresponsible spouse to impose further hurt and inconvenience on the other partner by abusing the credit that they might have in the way of joint accounts.  All too often one partner decides to inflict pain and hurt on the other by piling up credit card debt thinking that they believed their former husband or wife under the burden of debt. What such a person does not realise is that if any account is jointly held then any damage to the payment history of such an account will damage and true in the credit history of both the people listed on the account.
If you are making payments for your spouses personal accounts that did not have your name on it then you can stop.  Any account that does not have your name on it as well will not affect your credit history even if it becomes delinquent.  However, as far as the jointly held accounts are concerned you will need to find a way to deal with them.  The best option would be if you could somehow have a calm and controlled conversation with your soon to be ex-spouse about this matter.  If you could agree to keep making joint payments on account as you did before till the time that the divorce decree has been finalised then that would be the ideal situation.
If payments are missed on jointly held accounts then the creditor is in his right to come after either of you for repayment as either of you is fully and completely responsible for the debt.
Another point to understand would be what the divorce decree stands for.  The divorce decree is simply an understanding between you and your ex-spouse and the court as to who will take on the responsibility for which loans and asset.  Till the time that you do not negotiate with the consent lender and he agrees to change the contract so as to remove either one of you from the contract as per the divorce decree both of you will continue to be responsible for the debt.

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