How Can You Remove Bankruptcy from Your Credit Report

A bankruptcy is deleted from the credit report the same time it is deleted from the records of the court.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy is deleted seven years from the filing date while a chapter 7 bankruptcy is deleted 10 years from the filing date.  The difference in the terms is because a chapter 13 bankruptcy requires the consumer to at least pay off some of the debt that is owed by him whereas the chapter 13 bankruptcy observes the consumer of any liabilities towards the debt.

Often the consumer gets confused between the discharge take off the bankruptcy and the date on which it is going to get deleted from the credit report.  A bankruptcy is considered discharged when the bankruptcy plan is completed after being filed.  The discharge data of the bankruptcy has got nothing to do with the date on which that it is deleted from the credit report.
You usually to not have to do anything to have the bankruptcies removed from a credit report.  The bankruptcy and any accounts that were included in it during the time of filing will be deleted automatically.  In fact delinquent accounts are deleted from the credit report after a period of seven years from the date that the late account was first reported and was never again current.  If the accounts included in the bankruptcy would delinquent before the filing of the bankruptcy then it is possible that the accounts will get deleted before the bankruptcy is deleted from the credit report.

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