Security Freeze on Your Credit Report Does Not Affect Credit Monitoring Services

Placing a security freeze on your credit report does not prevent you from accessing your personal credit report whenever you wish. It also does not interfere with you getting your annual free copy of the credit report as prescribed by the federal law. A security freeze allows you to protect your credit report from being viewed by anyone. This includes unsolicited offers for credit cards, loans etc. from lending institutions. However, you must understand that a security freeze does not block your credit report from all kinds of inquiries. Your existing creditors can still continue to review your credit report from time to time for the purpose of maintain and updating your credit account with them and even to extend new plans and offers to you.

Since using a monitoring service is like accessing your own personal credit report, a credit monitoring service still works even after placing a security freeze on the credit report. A credit monitoring service allows you to see the changes occurring on your credit report such as reducing or increasing balances, payments being reported, new accounts created, enquiries being made etc.

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