Social Security number and birth date is not enough to Access Credit Report

Circumstances arise when a person’s personal details such as name and address and even the Social Security number can get compromised. The most common scenario is when the wallet or the purse of a consumer gets stolen. However, you should know that having the name, Social Security number, birth date and address is not really sufficient information for someone to gain access to your credit report illegally.

Usually a person who will try to gain access to your credit report by using this information will do it online. Credit bureaus employ a stringent identity check for the online procedure so as to ensure that the person with the correct identity is trying to access the report. Providing the name, address and the Social Security number is just the first step towards identifying you as right person trying to access the credit report. The next remaining steps ask for information that should only be privately and best known to you. This can have information includes account numbers, the amount of loan taken, details of your mortgage payments etc. For this reason it will be extremely hard for a person to access your credit report just by knowing your name, address and Social Security number. Using multiple identifiers to verify the identity of the consumer makes it very difficult for somebody else to view your credit report online.

If a request is made by mail to send the credit report then the credit report will be mailed to the address listed on the credit report which is likely to be your rightful address. Even then the consumer is requested to send in required documents to prove the identity of the person before the report is sent.

If you are unsure whether or not your credit report has been illegally accessed by any other person other than you then you can order a copy of your personal credit report and see if prior requests are present on the record which have not been made by you.