Student Loans Get Reported Immediately

Student loans gets reported to the credit bureaus immediately as and when they are approved to the student, and this includes federally approved grants and student loans as well.  However, till the time that you are a student and the date of repayment of the loan has not arrived the status of the student loan in the credit report will reflect this status.  They will merrily be there as a record of the debt that you have undertaken that has to be paid out sometime in the future.

Credit report not only contains the negative and the positive information about one’s credit behaviour but also any other kind of credit information that might be of consequence in influencing a lender’s decision of approving or denying a future credit application.  This information includes the amount of debts that you have undertaken.  Even though the date of repayment is not yet due when you are in college the student loan will still be on your credit history because it is a debt and financial obligation that could affect your ability to pay off any other credit that you might apply for in the future.

Lenders rely on both positive and negative information on a credit history to get a complete picture of your credit behaviour, debt obligations and financial abilities in the past present and the future.  For this reason even though you are not supposed to pay off the student loan to sometime in the future it will be reported to your credit report right from the time when it is approved.

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