The Original Debt and the Collection Account Can Both Be Present on Credit Report

A credit report is the history of all your debts and credit transactions.  Any debt that became delinquent will be listed on your credit report and will stay there for a period of seven years from the date that the account was first reported late and was never again current.  If this same debt is passed on to a collection agency then the collection agency will probably report the new collection account to the credit bureau as well.  If this happens within the first seven years of delinquency then both your original debt account and the new collection account will show on your credit report.  However even though these two accounts exists separately on your credit report they will still be counted as one debt as far as the matter of calculating your credit rating is concerned.

If it’s an old debt has been passed off to a collection agency then it will have the status of transferred sold off which is a final status and is treated as a closed account.  If the collection agency subsequently transfers or sells the debt further then that collection account will also have a status to reflect that it has been transferred or sold to another party.

Since the collection account is the for the original debt it will be deleted from your credit report at the same time that the additional account is deleted which is seven years from the original delinquency date.  Collection agencies are required by law to carry the original date of the debt from the first account and reported to the credit bureaus.  This ensures that the collection account also gets the deleted from the credit report when the original debt is taken off it.

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