Variation of Social Security Number on Your Credit Report

A Social Security number of variation others when a different number is reported to to a credit bureau than what is already listed beforehand.  The credit bureaus make it a point to list all variations are reported to it which includes name, address and Social Security numbers in order to provide you with a complete picture of the information that is being supplied and viewed from your credit report.  Variation in information on your credit report can be an indicator of fraud so it is important that the credit bureaus maintained any requests for information of changes.  In most cases are reported variation in the Social Security number is a typographical error which would be made by your existing lender when he sends in updates of your credit account.
You can check on the variation reported by viewing your personal credit report. If it was reported by a particular lender then you can get in touch with them and have it collected in their records.
As mentioned before completely different Social Security numbers report may be an indicator of fraud especially if they are accompanied with a name and an address variation as well.
There can be other explanations for the variation in the information reported to your credit report.  So the first step to take is to view your credit report and verify what has led to the change in the information.  Decide accordingly. If the information has been reported by mistake you can have your lender change the information or the credit bureau report from your credit history if required.