What is the effect of a credit report freeze on a mortgage application

A security freeze blocks access to all creditors. The only exception is your existing creditors who may still be able to view your report for the purpose of updating your credit information with them.

When you make an application for a mortgage loan, very often multiple enquiries are made in to your credit report. If you go through a mortgage broker, then he might make various enquiries for the purpose finding the best deal for you. Even individuals shop around for the purpose of finding the best deal.

Now if you have a security freeze on your credit report then you will have to have the freeze lifted so that the mortgage lenders can view your credit report for approval. For this purpose you will need the PIN number that you were provided during the time of putting the freeze. You will also require to release the freeze individually with each credit bureau if you have placed a security freeze with them as well. Because there is usually a fee involved with putting a security freeze, one credit bureau does not automatically inform the others of the security alert. You need to place and remove the freeze individually with each bureau.

Having a security freeze can slow down the proceedings if you have not removed the freeze well in time. Any urgent application will not go through. It is advisable to remove the security freeze at least one month in advance because sometimes you may be required to provide additional documents and information to verify that you are the correct individual to request the removal.

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