When Friends and Family Use Your Personal Information for Credit

There are times when it is the people close to us such as our family and friends that use your personal information for their benefit of opening accounts and applying for credit. It is an unfortunate fact that people close to you such as friends and family commit identity theft. It is possible that you may have allowed the use of this information in the beginning to help a friend or family member to get on their feet expecting them to stop using the information once they had got the start that they required.

However, if you are facing the problem of someone you know using their information to run accounts and use credit then the only way the credit bureaus can do something about it is if you are ready to take legal action. It will not be possible for businesses to remove delinquent accounts from their records and report the same to the credit bureaus for the purpose of deleting them from your credit report without the filing of a police report and an identity theft victim’s statement. If this was not the case then anyone could claim a delinquent account to be the result of a fraud.

Dealing with friends and family in this kind of a situation is tricky. You may find it hard to take action without jeopardizing personal relationships. However, you can always talk to the person involved and ask them to stop using your information. If the person indeed cares about you, then they will respect your wishes and make the changes required in their own records.

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