When Your Wallet Gets Stolen from a Car

There is more than one reason to worry about when your wallet gets stolen from a car these days. Earlier when someone would break into your car they were usually after the car radio or some object of expense. But nowadays keeps breaking into cars also for the purpose of stealing your identity. If a thief happens to see your wallet or some paperwork lying inside your car then all they have to do is break a window to steal it. While they may use the cash found inside your purse or wallet, go on a shopping spree with your credit cards, the thief can use the paperwork and the identifying information to commit other kinds of fraud as well.

Even if they find a credit card statement, bank account statement, social security number etc. they may use this information to try and open false credit account in your name, take over one of your accounts by trying to change address information or committing other kinds of frauds such as insurance fraud, employment fraud and government benefit frauds. The first thing to do when you have your wallet or other paperwork student from your car is to notify the police and file a report.

You should then proceed to put a fraud alert on your credit report. An initial fraud alert lasts for 90 days during which every lender is notified about the alert. The law requires every lender who use the credit report which has a fraud alert attached to it to take extra measures of precaution to verify the identity of the person making an application for credit. This safeguards your credit from imposters and identity thieves during the time that the alert is present.

This said you should never carry important documents such as social security number, birth certificate, bank and credit card statements are trapped in your purse. Carry only what is necessary like a driver’s license, medical insurance cards and one or two credit cards that you use.

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