Manage your Equifax credit report – Buy, dispute and fight identity theft

You can get your Equifax credit report free one or more times in an year. You can buy it directly from Equifax. You can access your Equifax credit report instantly online. You can dispute any wrong information on your credit report by filing a dispute with Equifax either instantly online or by sending them a letter. You can file for identity theft protection, put a security freeze on your credit report and even check your FICO credit score from Equifax.

Your Equifax credit report is one of the most important credit reports including the other two from the other national bureaus. Lenders commonly used credit reports from the three national bureaus Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Since different lenders may be using credit reports from different credit bureaus it is better to you to manage and maintain credit reports at all the three national credit bureaus.

How to order your Equifax credit report

You can a free copy of your Equifax credit report by logging on to According to the laws laid down by the fair credit reporting act you can access a copy of your credit report from each of the three national credit bureaus for free once every year.

If you need additional copies, you can order your annual Equifax credit report by calling 18773228228 or by mailing in a request form. You can also order directly from their website.

Buying the credit report from Equifax will cost you $11. Equifax also gives you a free copy of your under certain circumstances as stipulated under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These circumstances include:

  • Being denied credit based on the information contained in your Equifax credit report.
  • Being on public welfare
  • Seeking employment 
  • Been a victim of identity theft.

An equifax credit report can also be obtained when you sign up for the 3-in-one credit report package that all the credit bureaus offer. 

Different states can have different policies regarding your access to your credit report. Certain states have a discounted rate or make it completely free. Read this post to know what credit report rules apply in your state.

Disputing errors on Equifax Credit Report

Any credit report can contain errors. Errors can result when lenders provided wrong information to the credit bureaus or forget to update the accounts of their consumers. Errors can also happen during transcription of information by the credit bureaus before putting it on to the credit report.

Mistakes can happen while reporting Social Security numbers, spellings of the name as well as transposing numbers and digits. On reviewing your Equifax credit report if you find that your report contains mistakes and errors you can dispute these errors with the credit bureau as is your right under the fair credit reporting act. Any information that can be substantiated by the lender has to be updated or remove as you request.

A credit bureau has 30 days to launch an investigation an uprising of the results of the dispute first of. Usually when you order your credit report online you are also provided access to a section from where you can dispute the errors on your credit report. The websites of all the three national credit bureaus have a section of filing disputes from where you can go through the process quite simply if you have a recent copy of your personal credit report.

You can also dispute the credit report by Equifax through postal mail. You have to write them a credit dispute letter, highlight the errors on your credit report and send any supporting documents in favor of your claim to Equifax credit report dispute address:

Equifax Information Services LLC P.O. Box 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 – 0256

Fighting Identity Theft on Equifax Credit Report

If you believe that you have been a victim of identity theft you should let Equifax know immediately so that you can have your credit reports flagged to prevent further incident. A fraud alert on your credit report will let the lender no that they should take extra caution to confirm the identity of the person whose applying for credit the next time they will your credit report of purpose of approval of credit. Fraud alerts generally last 90 days or one year for active duty military personnel were sent overseas.

Can easily follow the process of a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit report online.

You can also place a fraud alert on your Equifax credit report by calling them on 18005256 to 85 or by sending in our request in writing to P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374 – 024.

Check Your Equifax Credit Score

Equifax also offers the fico credit score which is the most commonly used credit score owed by lenders and consumers. You can purchase your fico score based on the information present on your Equifax credit report from However Equifax also offers their own credit score which is known as VantageScore. VantageScore has gained popularity to lenders as it is supposed to be a more accurate credit score and takes into consideration the information present on the credit files of all the three national credit bureaus. It is only score that is meant to give the same results across the three different credit bureaus provided the information present on them is the same.

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