Where All You Get Your Credit Report and Fico Score

A need to order your credit report may arise in many situations a many people. Because a credit report is used for sowing different purposes and why so many different people that of using and checking your credit report is an important activity that every person must do at least once every year. Credit score credit report today is checked not only by lenders and creditors but by utility services, mobile phone operators, employers landlords and even hospitals. There are many ways in which you can access your credit report from a legitimate source.

Getting Your Free Annual credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com

This is the only legitimate way to get a free copy of your personal credit report from each of the three credit bureaus. You have been granted a right by the fair and accurate credit transactions act which is a federal law to access your credit report for free from each of the three major credit bureaus without any obligation Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Getting Your Credit Report Directly from the Credit Bureaus

You can also buy your credit report directly from the credit bureau. Each credit bureau has its own products and services to offer which includes a three in one report offer. Subscribing to 3 in one credit report offer means that you can view your credit report from all three national credit bureaus in one place and for one subscription fee. You can also get your credit report for free when you sign up for trial offer for one of the subscription services service. Commonly, a credit monitoring service is what the subscription is for.

Getting Your Fico Credit Scores From MyFICO.com

MyFICO.com is the only websites that sells fico credit scores. Fico scores were developed by fair Isaac Corporation over the creamy is in developing a method to calculate credit scores. MyFICO also sells and allows you to order your credit reports from the myFICO website. You can purchase individual credit reports or the three in one credit report containing all three credit reports and your credit score is.

Extra Free credit reports Every Year As per the Federal Law

Apart from the credit reports that is granted to you for free by the FACT act, there are other circumstances which are also gone by the same law under which you can order a credit report for free. These circumstances are:

If you have ever been denied credit based on the information present on a credit report — you’re unemployed and planning to look for work the next 60 days, you are on welfare assistance or you have been a victim of identity theft.

Under these circumstances you can also access your credit report for free from the credit bureaus.

Watch out for Impostor Websites When Trying to Get Your Credit Reports

There are many fishing scams related to credit notes. Apparently there are about almost hundred imposter websites for annual credit report.com. These websites either want to steal your personal information or want to trick you into signing up for a paid subscription service. In order to avoid such scams it is important that you visit only trusted websites to get your credit report, do not click on links in e-mails, if you do click a link on an e-mail check to see the address in your browser is the address you expected, enter personal information only into secure sites that have a URL beginning with HTTPs or with a lock in the lower right side of the browser or both.

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