Seven Steps to Help You Stop Using Your Credit Cards And Reducing Your Credit Card Debt

Sometimes stopping or curtailing the use of your multiple credit cards can be a major step in reducing your credit card debt and  managing the overall credit card debt situation.

Although it is usually not advised to stop using all credit cards or together there might be situations where it is best to put away your credit cards. It is not advised to stop using credit cards because you need positive and credit history being reported on your credit score to maintain a healthy credit score. However, if you’re in a situation where your debt has mounted and you cannot afford to incur any more debt than it is best to stop using your credit cards immediately. Here are the few ways in which you can prevent using credit cards.

1) Lock Your credit cards away. This is the easiest measure that you can take. Just pick up your cards and put them away in a secure place under lock and key. Not having them constantly available in your purse or wallet whenever you go out will prevent you from using them. However this is not a permanent solution and you just might be tempted to take them out of lock and key and use them one more time.

2) Shred your credit cards. Cutting up or shredding your credit cards will definitely prevent you from using your credit cards in any physical store. But it still just might not be a prevention against using them online because she will probably remember the credit card number as well as the CVV number.

3) Reward therapy. Try and rewarding yourself on not having used a credit card every week that you don’t. This simple and effective tactic just might work in getting you offer the habit of using your credit cards frequently.

4) Close the credit cards. This step is also not recommended for many people. Closing open credit card accounts increases the credit utilisation ratio which is bad for the credit score. However if you cannot resist the temptation of using your existing credit cards and perhaps it is better in the long run to cancel the surplus ones.

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