Manage your Transunion credit report – Purchase, dispute and fight identity theft

You can get your Transunion credit report free one or more times in an year. You can buy it directly from Transunion. You can access your Transunion credit report instantly online. You can dispute any wrong information on your credit report by filing a dispute with Transunion either instantly online or by sending them a letter. You can file for identity theft protection, put a security freeze on your credit report and even check your credit score from Transunion.

Your Transunion credit report is one of the three most important credit reports that you are likely to have. Since different lenders might be using credit reports from different credit bureaus it is advisable to view and manage your credit report from each of the three national credit bureaus. Because of the fact that no one lender uses the same credit report as the other your credit report with the three national bureaus might be different to each other. It is better if you know what exactly is listed on each one of them separately.

Ordering Your Transunion Credit Report

You can order your Transunion credit report for free from The federal law requires Transunion to give you one free copy of your credit report each year. You can also order your free credit report from any of the national credit bureaus by calling 1877322 8228.

You can purchase your Transunion credit report directly from Transunion in case you have already used up your free annual credit report. Buying a credit report directly from will cost you $14.95. Transunion doesn’t offer a free credit score order a free credit report in exchange trying out there subscription to the credit monitoring program which is offered through true

Another way to access your Transunion credit report is when you sign up for the three in one credit report offers which can be found with plenty of vendors. Even experienced offers a three in one credit report offers which means that when you sign up for this offer you get the credit report from all the three national bureaus Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

Disputing Errors on the Transunion Credit Report

This is the primary steps that one takes to clear up their credit after reviewing their personal credit report. If your credit report comes with errors and mistakes on it and you can dispute those errors with the credit bureau. The process of filing a dispute is most easily followed by doing it online will stop when you order a free credit report online it usually comes with instructions as to how to file a dispute.

You can usually do it simply by taking a link in a special section that is marked for filing disputes. You also file a dispute with Transunion in writing. You can use the request for investigation form offered on Transunion’s website or write your own dispute letter. The format of a dispute letter is already been demonstrated in serious post.

It is a good idea to send a copy of your Transunion credit report to the Transunion credit dispute department after having circled the errors for their attention most of in order to send a dispute to the Transunion dispute department you’ll have to ship your dispute letter as well as any supporting documents to Transunion’s credit report dispute address:

Transunion Consumer Solutions P.O. Box 2000

Chester, PA 19022-2000

Fighting Identity Theft on Your Transunion Credit Report

Whenever you are a victim of identity theft you must let are concerned credit bureau know. Transunion allows you to put a security alert on your credit report as well as to flagged to prevent further identity theft. Putting a security alert or flagging a credit report with Transunion will result in the lender being want to take extra security steps whenever he has viewing it fought the purpose of credit approval.

Fraud alerts and usually last for 90 days or one year for active military duty personnel who are sent overseas.

You can place a fraud alert on your Transunion credit report by calling 18006807289 or sending a written request to the Transunion Consumer Solutions, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19022 — 2000. If you place a fraud alert with any of the three national credit bureaus the rest of the credit bureaus will catch notified automatically.

You can also place a security freeze on your Transunion credit report which will prevent anyone from accessing your credit report. No lender will be able to make an enquiry into your credit report until you unlock it with a pin number of the password it is provided to you during the time of putting the security freeze. You can freeze your Transunion credit report online, over the phone by calling 18889098872 or by sending a written request to Transunion, Fraud Victim Assistance Department, P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92834.

Checking your credit score with Transunion

Transunion uses the fico credit score which is the most commonly and widely used credit score by lenders and consumers. You can purchase your fico score based on the Transunion credit report from Transunion also provide a copy of their own credit score which is called a FAKO credit score. This credit score is available for free at

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