Are You Addicted To Using Credit Cards? Are You A Credit Card Junkie?

You can take this simple quiz to determine whether your addiction to credit cards is beyond normal and perhaps you are what can be referred to as a credit card junkie. The fact is that millions of people use a credit card to shop and to take on expenses simply because it provides them with a lot of joy and pleasure. That’s in fact is the definition of a junkie. A junkie is a person who derives inordinate pleasure from something or is uncontrollably dependent on something for a feeling of well-being.

Here is a simple quiz that you can answer in order to do with their you or are close to being a credit card junkie or not. Keep a record of how many questions you answer yes to.

· Do you have more than three credit cards?

· The only make minimum payments on your credit cards?

· Do you frequently approach or cross the credit limit on your credit cards?

· You have to compromise on other bills and payments to make the minimum due on your credit cards?

· Have you started charging items that you used to pay cash for two your credit card?

· Do you often incur late events charges or over the limit fee on your credit card?

· Have you often done a balance transfer or a debt consolidation to pay off a credit card balance?

· Do you take out cash advances on your credit card to pay other bills and expenses?

The truth is that if you have answered yes to any of those questions about then you might have a problem at hand. If the answer to more than three questions is yes than you almost definitely have a problem with being a credit card junkie.

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