Closing A Credit Card Without The Card Number

There may come a situation when you need to close down a credit card but cannot find it. Many don’t have the credit card number you will not be able to simply call or write a letter to the lender in order to close a credit card. In order to close a credit card when you do not have a credit card number you must first call up the credit card company. It is usually advised to keep the customer care number of all your credit cards saved in a place where you can easily access it. They should typically be saved in a phone book or on your mobile phone is so that you can quickly get in touch in case of emergencies such as using the credit card or having your wallet stolen.
When you call the credit card company let them know that you have an account with them but cannot remember your credit card number. They may ask you to provide certain identifying information before they are able to check your account. This process may be more tedious in certain cases as the customer care centre may not be able to quickly access or find your record without the credit card number. It may also be against the policy of the credit card company to provide the credit card number over the phone.
In case the customer care representative does the view your credit card number you should write it down for future reference and then request a credit card to be closed. You should follow up this process in writing. Send your request letter by certified mail with return receipt requested. Include your name, address and account number in the letter and provide a reference to the concession that you had with the customer care representative where you requested to have your credit card account closed.
You may check your credit report in the next billing cycle to confirm whether the credit card has been reported as close to the credit bureau or not. Try and always make sure that there is no balance on the credit card before you close it.