A Warning When Choosing a Debt Management Company

When you are choosing a credit counseling company or more particularly a debt management solution for your debt it should be a decision that you take after careful consideration. Before choosing to work with a debt management company and placing your finances in the hands of such an organization you should carefully check the background.

The way to choose how to work with a debt management company is preferably to get references. You should try to avoid the in your face advertisements on the radio and television or marketing offers through phone calls and emails. I think there is some sort of law also now that prevents blatant advertisement of debt management services, though I am not sure about this. Anyway, the idea behind this thought is that the debt management comapnies that are advetising this aggresively are commercial enterprises with own profit figures in mind. Sometimes you might need a facncy concern or top shot lawyer to take care of a debt that is huge and of course if is a business debt, then you need an attorney taking care of matters for you.

But for most personal needs for debt management, word of mouth serves the purpose. Asking family and friends is of help. But then again there is privacy to be considered. Many people will not be comfortable asking family and friends and revealing details of their financial situation.

In that case, you can find a non profit credit counseling organization approved by the US Department of Justice.

You should check the record of the debt management company with the website of the better business bureau, your local chambers of commerce and the office of your local attorney general. You can also contact the local consumer protection agency to see if any complaints have been filed against a debt management company. While you should to see complaints against any organizations, sometimes what speaks more of the legitimacy of the organization is the number of complaints that have been resolved.

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