What To Do IF You Find Fraudulent / Mysterious Charges On Credit Card

Finding an unaccountable charge on your credit card statement, What does it mean and what you can do about it

You may discover that your credit card statement has transaction that you cannot account for. The first thing to do is to determine whether any of your family members borrowed your card without your knowledge or that you made a transaction that you are not able to remember. It could also be a billing error on the part of the creditor. Once you have duly investigated these possibilities it is time to consider the possibility that your credit card may have been used or fraudulent transaction. It is possible someone to use the credit card fraudulently just by using the credit card number and not the actual card itself. So it’s possible that while you still have the credit card on a person simply might have used it to make an authorized transaction. In such an eventuality speak the creditor and put across your concern. You can even dispute the error with the credit card issuer. Usually a credit card has a protection plan for the credit cardholder that insures against fraudulent transactions still a certain amount.

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