How Long Does It Take to Pay off a Credit Card Balance by Making Only Minimum Payments Every Month

It can take a very long time indeed to pay off a credit card debt only by making a minimum payment.

Minimum payments on a credit card are calculated differently for different credit cards and depend upon the credit card agreement that you signed up for. Typically minimum payment is credit rated as a percentage of your credit card balance that ranges from one to 3%.

Consider the example of having a balance of $5000 at 14% APR and a minimum payment of 2% on the credit card balance. Making minimum only payment will take you 22 years and $5887 in interest payment to pay off this debt. Simply increasing your payments to $125 a month will allow you to pay off the same debt in less than six years and spend only $1775 in interest. It is obvious that paying more than the minimum on your credit card balance will not only pay off your debt quicker but also save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in interest.

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